Vote for your favourite cryptocurrency

Thu Oct 06 2022

Bololex team has great news for all community members 😍
πŸ‘Š Bololex has launched a voting function to attract new investors and show all the data on them
We are working hard to maintain fast, fair and secure voting.

☺️ From now on, you can vote for your favourite cryptocurrency
The energy gives an opportunity to vote for a certain coin/token
and increase its recognition and reputation.

⚑️ Each energy slot is refilled in an hour.
In this way, the fav cryptocurrency would have appeared on top πŸ“ˆ

Do you want more in detail?
πŸ”₯ Crypto-Voting is the innovative integrated electronic voting system based on Blockchain technology

DYOR πŸ€‘ cause voters can see all the data like tokenomics, social networks, KYC and audit.
Do you need call to action? 😜
So came and vote βœ”οΈ