Buy green mining power
NOTE: To be able to use the program and make a profit, you must store your AE1 tokens in the Alpha Energy platform.
The Alpha Energy project is a system that makes the mining of Bitcoins an ecologically friendly process. Bitcoins are mined using solar energy without harming the environment and the heat generated by miners is efficiently used for the heating of a greenhouse.
You can become a part of this program and purchase a unique Alpha Energy Token, the acquisition and storage of which gives you the opportunity to receive a share of the mined Bitcoins.
How it works?
Alpha Energy is completing a construction of a large solar power plant, for which high-quality photovoltaic panels and high efficiency inverters are used to make the most of the solar energy. A special station with mining machinery and a greenhouse is installed on the territory of the station. The generated electricity from panels is used to power the miners.
The mining farm is based on the latest 5nm ASIC miners to ensure maximum performance per energy input.As miners generate a tremendous amount of heat, this heat is transported through a special ventilation system to the greenhouse, where organic vegetables and greens are grown.
Alpha energy Platform
The company has developed a platform where you can store the Alpha energy token (AE1) and earn Bitcoins at the same time. When storing AE1 tokens in the Alpha Energy platform, you will receive a percentage of the total amount of Bitcoins mined by the station. You can monitor and withdraw your earnings through the platform. There is also a buyback program for risk minimization.
The supply of AE1s is limited. Total amount: 1,000,000 AE1. Only 500,000 AE1 is now open for sale. The price at the moment is 1$, but with the sale of every 100,000 tokens, the price will increase. So hurry up! You can get familiar with the project details through website, calculate your future income and register an account for your first deposit. AE1 is sold in cryptocurrency.
Sold: 74646.14 AE1
$ 1.8
500 000 AE1
$ 1.6
400 000 AE1
$ 1.4
300 000 AE1
$ 1.2
200 000 AE1
$ 1
100 000 AE1
Alpha Energy Token
Referral Program
Do not forget to join Alpha Energy referral program. Invite friends and receive a percentage from their transactions.