If we start to talk about the personal goals of the trader, firstly we should emphasize the following aspects ⬇️

Wed Oct 05 2022

⚪️ The amount of earnings directly depends on personal skills and knowledge.

⚪️ On a global scale, a trader is a person who directly affects the global economy, in this case we are talking about traders working in large banks and investment management funds.

⚪️ The market works guided by the basic rule: the greater the demand for a product, the higher its price.

⚪️ In the international market, not only the value of goods or shares of large companies is defined, but also currencies.

⚪️ The more attractive the country's economy is, the more investments the state will attract and the higher the value of its currency will be.

⚪️ The creators of the main market who set prices and influence their course, are the central banks of different countries.

⚪️ By investing or withdrawing huge sums of money, they are able to lower or raise the price of the currency.

Hope this topic was informative ✔️