How to vote
Users should have a Bololex account to vote. Each user can vote once a day, without any preconditions. To vote more, the user should have a trade of any value done in the past 30 days. Plus, a verification through Telegram account should be completed from the “Profile” section of your account. Note, that you must be also following our global Telegram community. For voting , each user is given 5 energy, which is refilled by 1 per hour. Users can also purchase energy using BOLO token. Each vote depletes energy based on the number of votes cast within an hour, the more you vote, the more energy is depleted per vote. To check the cost per one vote, have a look at the heating meter.
How to win
After each round top 5 coins will receive hexa badges based on their place, 5 hexa badges for 1st place down to 1 hexa badge for the 5th place. The badge is granted only in case of collecting a minimum of 500 votes. Once 10 badges are collected, Bololex will start the listing process, which takes 1-3 working days, if no technical issues arise. Yet, if the coin/token owner does not provide technical assistance or the promised airdrop, Bololex will not be able to complete the listing. If an asset fails to collect the minimum number of votes (500) for two consecutive rounds, it may be removed from voting. Similarly, any scammers and imposters will also be filtered and eliminated from voting.
Earning and airdrops
After a coin/token gets listed we will distribute its airdrop. The distribution will be done evenly among casted votes. If you vote for a specific coin/token more, you will get a larger portion of the airdrop. The total amount of the airdrop will be shown in the list.
How to get listed
Bololex invites every coin or token to participate in our voting program and get listed with the help of their active community. Just fill out the voting list form and our specialist will guide you afterwards. A coin/token will be listed on Bololex once 10 hexa badges are gathered and no technical issues arise.