Запрос на аирдроп
Basic information
*Please fill out this form to apply for Coin/Token Airdrop program activation on Bololex.com. *The conditions you submit will be the base of your Airdrop program. *Bololex team will review this form weekly. *You can check the status of Your request. *After You see a positive status you’ll receive an email from the [email protected] email address.
*Relations with the Coin/Token
*Choose the Airdrop type
Airdrop to all users
Airdrop from the FUNDS page means that all the most active users can go to their FUNDS section and claim the fixed amount of Your coin only once. After which that fixed amount will be distributed among the users.
Airdrop from airdrop wheel
Airdrop via AIRDROP WHEEL game works in another way. Each time the users spin the wheel and receive different coins in different amounts. Your coin will be among the rewards. Your coin won’t be distributed among the users immediately.