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Bolo token

Bololex has launched its own token, the BOLO token. BOLO is a utility token of Bololex exchange and ecosystem. You can trade fast and safe with BOLO on our exchange, play games, get rewards and purchase various cool features like badges or energy boosts. Learn more on BOLO token hereā€¦

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Airdrop Wheel

Spin and win! A fast and easy way to get crypto currency airdrops without spending. Win energy refills, energy boosts, receive airdrops, badges, and most importantly BOLO tokens. Try your luck with Bololex airdrop wheel.

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Bolo Boom

Mine, win, and repeat! Use energy to play our new mining game BoloBoom and win BOLO instead. Choose your level of difficulty, claim rewards whenever you want, and receive up to 60 BOLO tokens in a single game.

Bolo Boom

Bolo Lotto

Win 1000 BOLO in a single game of Bolo Lotto! Fully transparent one-click-to-play game based on Bitcoin blockchain. Buy BOLO, purchase lottery cells, and x100 your earnings in a fair play of Bolo Lotto.

Bolo Lotto

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We offer a variety of opportunities to our users starting from airdrops, various competitions and regular giveaways. No KYC required, so you benefit and trade instantly!


Earning the trust of our users is our top priority. We are constantly improving our security measures, reducing attack risks and ensuring the safest trading experience for our clients.



We are giving you the opportunity to lower the costs with every step forward. Opportunities for unlimited deposits and withdrawals for fast trading.


Growing functionality

Our team monitors the needs of the market and strives to continually update the available features accordingly. We do our best to create more favorable conditions and enlarge the list of our tokens and coins.

Convenient experience

Our platform is specifically designated and built for newcomers and experts alike. User-friendly interface and accessible monitoring will give you the easiest approach to trading.

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