🔁 Today Bololex decided to tell about the FOMO effect and its latest application in marketing.

Thu Nov 24 2022

The results show that 60% are sales with this effect.

🗣 FOMO or fear of missing out can directly affect human psychology, which creates a sticky fear of missing out on buying something.

For example, if we want to buy some cryptocurrencies and suddenly we see an ad on social media with some offer our FOMO rises and we start thinking about buying the cryptocurrencies, even if we did not plan to buy it at that moment.
This is exactly the feeling of panic that the FOMO effect aims to create.

💲 Every day there are stories about people getting rich from new investments. Remember: hearing someone else's success story is not an investment thesis. Always DYOR and plan your investment.

The same logic applies to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

Don't let someone else's negative investment analysis influence your own decisions. The same traders often fall prey to FUD when they impulsively sell at a heavy loss.