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Read our article about BOLO token

Thu Aug 13 2020

#Bololex exchange launched BOLO !!!
Be one of the first holders of $BOLO.

Trade now with BOLO/USDT pair

Read here : https://bit.ly/31BneSY


Let's congratulate AftermathIslandsToken for collecting 🔟 badges‼️

Tue Aug 11 2020

Bololex will start the integration and distribute $AIT coins soon.

Do you also want to collect badges faster⁉️
Now you can purchase them using $BOLO 😍

Buy a badge here: https://bololex.com/voting


This week we congratulate Retric Coin !

Mon Aug 10 2020

Continuing with our voting winners...

10 badges collected = listing on Bololex

Trading with $RTC will be open soon and you will
receive your share of the airdrop!!

Continue voting : http://bololex.com/voting/


Only 2️⃣4️⃣ hours left !

Mon Aug 10 2020

Tomorrow is the big day
Get ready to win.

BOLO token will be in your hands starting off tomorrow.

Create your Bololex account now or update the current one:


One step closer to August 10th!

Mon Aug 10 2020

Only 2️⃣ days left till the big launch.

We will kick off and everyone will be a winner !

Until then, keep on trading: http://bololex.com


New coins added to Bololex voting program!

Sat Aug 08 2020

Now the list includes:
🔹 Insula (ISLA)
🔹 MotaCoin (MOTA)
🔹 Leviar Platform Token (XPL)

Which one do you think will win first?


3 days left ⌛️

Fri Aug 07 2020

3 days = 72 hours = 4 320 minutes ⌛️
Only this much time left for the big reveal 😍

Are you ready⁉️ Stay tuned as we have prepared the
most exciting projects for you.

Go follow us not to miss a thing:
🔹 twitter.com/bololexcom


New Listing Alert 🚀

Fri Aug 07 2020

Trading pair: HORA/TRX

👊Start trading with $HORA at https://bololex.com/trading/?symbol=HORA-TRX

Go follow us on Twitter: @bololexcom


#HORA token is coming

Thu Aug 06 2020

New Listing Alert!
We have opened deposit & withdrawal for $HORA

You can start depositing now at https://bololex.com/trading/wallets

For updates follow us on Twitter and Telegram.


#TECCOIN trading is live!

Wed Aug 05 2020

Long time, no see.

Now you can not only deposit & withdraw $TECN
Also, trade with TECN/ETH pair

Update your balance and start trading now.