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🍔🍟 McDonald’s starts to accept Bitcoin and Tether in Swiss town

Thu Oct 13 2022

The global McDonald fast food chain has done the first step to participate in a crypto world.

Multinational fast food chain McDonald’s started to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method in the 63,000-populated city of Lugano in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, which is becoming a hotspot for crypto adoption in Western Europe.

💸 A one-minute video of ordering food on McDonald’s digital kiosk and then paying for it at the regular register with the help of a mobile app was uploaded on Twitter by Bitcoin Magazine on Oct. 3.

The Tether (USDT) logo could be spotted next to the Bitcoin symbol on the credit cash machine, which is not surprising, as in March 2022 the city of Lugano announced it would accept Bitcoin, Tether and the LVGA token as a legal tender.


If we start to talk about the personal goals of the trader, firstly we should emphasize the following aspects ⬇️

Wed Oct 05 2022

⚪️ The amount of earnings directly depends on personal skills and knowledge.

⚪️ On a global scale, a trader is a person who directly affects the global economy, in this case we are talking about traders working in large banks and investment management funds.

⚪️ The market works guided by the basic rule: the greater the demand for a product, the higher its price.

⚪️ In the international market, not only the value of goods or shares of large companies is defined, but also currencies.

⚪️ The more attractive the country's economy is, the more investments the state will attract and the higher the value of its currency will be.

⚪️ The creators of the main market who set prices and influence their course, are the central banks of different countries.

⚪️ By investing or withdrawing huge sums of money, they are able to lower or raise the price of the currency.

Hope this topic was informative ✔️


🔥 Bololex presents a current look at the worlds real-time richest billionaires

Thu Oct 06 2022

War, pandemic and sluggish markets hit the world’s #billionaires this year.

In regard of this the collective world riches reduced from $12.7 trillion 👀 to $400 billion less according with 2021.

◽️Elon Musk is the richest man in the world with over $273,5 billion.

He cofounded six companies including electric car maker #Tesla, rocket producer #SpaceX and tunneling startup Boring Company.

◽️Gautam Adani is the second richest man after Elon Musk. Adani Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Ahmedabad.

Adani's fortune lies somewhere between $153.9 billion.

◽️Bernard Arnault is considered the third richest man, who oversees the LVMH empire of some 70 brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora. His fortune is $153.6 billion.

◽️Jeff Bezos is founder of e-commerce giant #Amazon. His riches include $149.7billion.

◽️Bill Gates turned his fortune from software firm #Microsoft into diversified holdings including investments zero-carbon energy. Bill Gates riches include in it $105.3 billion.

◽️Larry Ellison is chairman, chief technology officer and cofounder of software giant #Oracle, of which he owns about 35% which is $98.3 billion.

◽️Known as the "Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time. His riches include $96.5 billion.

◽️Mukesh Ambani chairs and runs $92.1 billion (revenue) Reliance Industries, which has interests in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom and retail.

Do you think it’s a good idea to invest in any of their companies, if so, which one(s) do you like?


🔀 Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing money into the particular project

Thu Oct 06 2022

Let’s research the market together and discover each popular and profitable crypto's peculiarity.

Let's go 🙌

Always remember! DYOR
Cause the cryptocurrencies aren't all the same!
All you need to know is that the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrency is inherently secure.

Some cryptos are faster than others ✔️

Some cryptos are more private ✔️

Some are more secure ✔️

and some are more programmable.


Bololex as a digital exchange

Tue Sep 27 2022

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🌐A look back in time ✔️Ethereum Price History & Events Timeline

Mon Sep 26 2022

➰Today everyone speaks about Ethereum's merge
The Ethereum project was founded in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin through a whitepaper. Together with Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Lorio and Charles Hoskinson at a Miami Bitcoin conference in late January 2014.

➰A crowdsale was conducted to fund the development of Ethereum project.
The campaign ran from July to September in 2014, selling over 60 million Ethereum.Ultimately, the presale raised $18.3 million to fund the development of Ethereum
It was a huge success. It was the largest cryptocurrency crowdsale at that time and the second funded project in history, taking only 42 days to reach that which took years for the first project.

Let’s Research the Price History☺️

💎July 22, 2014
The Ethereum Genesis sale goes live, after over six months of hard work.

Within the first 12 hours, over 3,700 BTC were raised for more than 7 million ETH, or about $2.2 million in fiat terms. The sale was considered a huge success.
ETH Price: $0.311

💎July 20, 2016
The DAO fork occured at block 1,920,000 in response to the DAO hack, where over 3.6M ETH were drained due to a smart contract vulnerability. This caused some division, and some miners who refused to fork formed Ethereum.
ETH Price: $12.45

💎Jan. 10, 2018
The price of Ethereum hits an all-time-high of $1,417 and is up an incredible 13,000% in a year. The ICO craze drove up prices as DApps build and raise funds on Ethereum. Over $1 billion was reportedly raised by ICOs in December 2017.
ETH Price: $1,255.82

💎Nov. 16, 2021
Ethereum hit the current
ATH, an increase of over 550% since the start of the year. 2021 also saw the explosion of NFTs into the forefront, and DeFi protocols on Ethereum saw a 660% growth to hit $122B in total value locked.
ETH Price: $4,891.70

💎Aug. 11, 2022
Goerli, the third and last public testnet, successfully switched over to the PoS consensus mecha-nism-considered the last dress rehearsal before the long-awaited Merge.
It is considered the most significant upgrade in Ethereum's history so far.
ETH Price: $1,881.22

💎In June 2022
Ethereum plunged below the major $1K level amidst the crypto bear market.
However, news of the confirmed launch date of the long-awaited Merge saw ETH rallying close to 100% in August in anticipation of the event.
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said the network would only be 55% complete after the Merge, and detailed the vision for future upgrades-the catchy-sounding "surge" "verge" "purge" and "splurge"
Whether the Merge and future scalability upgrades would successfully roll out remains to be seen, but many ethereans and crypto participants are optimistic.


Vitalik Buterin Co-founder of Ethereum celebrates the Merge “Dreams of years”

Tue Sep 20 2022

The Latest Update of Ethereum✔️
🔗As the clock counted down to the final moments of the big Ethereum Merge, co-founder Vitalik Buterin joined the Ethereum Mainnet Merge Viewing Party livestream.
⚪️Buterin confessed that he was absolutely excited being exited from the proof of work era.
The co-founder went on to say that the historic transition of the network from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) has been on the agenda for years:
He shared with the audience that they started the proof-of-stake research in 2014.
It has obviously been a dream for the Ethereum ecosystem since pretty much the beginning and add that among the biggest motivation for the switch is the high costs and the massive amount of energy usage.
⚪️The Merge drastically reduces energy consumption by 99.95%.
Vitalik Buterin explains that the merge can be seen as reinventing the laws of physics.
PoW operates with the usage of real-world functionalities such as electricity, hardware and computers.
Whereas with PoS, everything is virtualized, “basically letting us create a simulated universe that has its own laws of physics.”
⚪️Buterin congratulated the community and ushered in the next era of Ethereum via Twitter:
And we finalized
Happy merge all. This is a big moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helped make the merge happen should feel very proud today.
⚪️The new optimizations allow developers and users to scale the network.
This is an important step in pushing the mass adoption of decentralized technologies and onboarding the next billion into the ecosystem.

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Top 7 Crypto Countries in 2022

Tue Sep 20 2022

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption has grown over 800% in the past year. So question remains following which country has the most crypto holders and users? We have separated top crypto countries and presented statistics according to Bololex research.

Selling crypto for fiat currency
Trading crypto for another cryptocurrency
Spending crypto on goods or services
Receiving income from crypto staking or mining

El Salvador

The Central American country passed a law in 2021 that implemented Bitcoin as a legal tender. It means you can use Bitcoin just as easily as the U.S. dollar to pay for goods in services in El Salvador. And even more el salvador plans to build the world’s first bitcoin city. Consequently, the country has no income or capital gains tax on Bitcoin. It also plans to maintain its status as a cryptocurrency hub by building the world’s first Bitcoin City despite heavy criticism from established financial institutions.


Let’s start to underline Singapore advantages. It is not a secret that another well-known crypto-friendly country is Singapore. The South-East Asian country levies no capital gains tax and no tax on goods and services paid for in crypto. However, it has an income tax on income from crypto-related activities like staking. Furthermore, financial regulators in Singapore are fairly open to digital assets, allowing crypto companies to operate without a license within a grace period of six months.


Malta is another popular destination for crypto, as it recognizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a “unit of account, medium of exchange or a store of value.” The law on blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology the country passed in 2018 made it a haven for ICOs at the time. Even though crypto trading in Malta incurs a tax of up to 35%, you can reduce that to 0% — 5%, depending on your tax bracket and income status.


Switzerland is a popular crypto hub, especially in Zug, with Lugano emerging as another crypto-friendly city that plans to pay its taxes in digital currency. Switzerland has an income tax on mining and a wealth tax on an individual’s net worth but no capital gains taxes. Furthermore, income from professional trading is taxable as well.


This European country is known as ranked among the topmost desirable places to live in and has created a welcoming environment for Bitcoin. Portugal’s crypto-enthusiasm is largely due to its long history of economic instability. Although Portugal taxes income in crypto, there are no capital gains taxes and taxes on trading.
Furthermore, Portugal has a Golden Visa program, allowing non-EU citizens to qualify for a residency permit and eventually a passport in the country through investments. But to apply for the Golden Visa and not become a tax resident, you can’t remain in Portugal for more than 183 days a year. This tax-free way of life for crypto investors is one of the reasons why Portugal has been growing rapidly in popularity in the industry, with Lisbon becoming one of the main hubs in Europe.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular destination for North Americans since the overseas territory is treated as a separate country when it comes to taxation. Consequently, there is no federal income tax in Puerto Rico and no capital gains tax if you bought cryptocurrencies as a tax resident. However, crypto that you purchased before moving to Puerto Rico and becoming a resident will be subject to taxation by the IRS.


It is considered that small Alpine country has the highest market capitalization of blockchain projects, even though ICOs are subject to taxation. Furthermore, Slovenian tax residents have to pay a 25% income tax on mining but no capital gains tax.


In conclusion, there are many Crypto-friendly countries in the world that you can consider investing your money into if you want to use this financial technology.
It is important to do research before deciding how best to invest in cryptocurrencies because each country has different regulations on trading crypto assets.
Before buying crypto, make sure you have a wallet that allows you to trade crypto with total security and encryption.
Explore the market and you will make sure that Bololex is the most secure platform to buy and sell limit orders.
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⚖️ Differences between crypto staking and crypto Mining

Wed Sep 14 2022

🔁 Crypto mining and staking are completely different terms though both these phenomena purpose to add more coins to the crypto portfolio

🗣 Crypto mining typically is a process where a person mines or creates new coins.
This is ideally done by solving some complex mathematical equations and sharing computational resources. In return, these users receive a small number of crypto coins as rewards for their contributions.

🗣 In the same time, crypto staking is the process where a user typically becomes a validator by staking the coins.

Which method do you prefer?


Vote for your favourite cryptocurrency

Thu Oct 06 2022

Bololex team has great news for all community members 😍
👊 Bololex has launched a voting function to attract new investors and show all the data on them
We are working hard to maintain fast, fair and secure voting.

☺️ From now on, you can vote for your favourite cryptocurrency
The energy gives an opportunity to vote for a certain coin/token
and increase its recognition and reputation.

⚡️ Each energy slot is refilled in an hour.
In this way, the fav cryptocurrency would have appeared on top 📈

Do you want more in detail?
🔥 Crypto-Voting is the innovative integrated electronic voting system based on Blockchain technology

DYOR 🤑 cause voters can see all the data like tokenomics, social networks, KYC and audit.
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So came and vote ✔️